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"Your small voice has a way of spilling into rooms where you thought there would be no place for you.

Even when it is only a word or two, your small voice has a way of pushing through.

And if you happen to be a little quieter, and you sound differently from others, the words you choose resound with truth all the same."

-Morgan Harper Nichols



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So when one family contacts you, the whole family does. These family was beyond great to work with. Started out with maternity and then the day I delivered the gallery for that, Baby H graced us with her presence and then I continued to photograph two sides of the extended families! It was a great time and I had so much fun hanging out with these guys week after week, after all was said and done, I felt like I was part of the fam!

Check out the different sessions below! And who says photographing 16 people is hard!

First off, the oasis of a nursery that I couldn’t not photograph, And next came baby….And of course, this fun-loving group of peeps right here (even in the cold we kept warm…) And we couldn’t end without the other side!



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