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It's me, Rachel, Hi!

When I tell someone that in College, I doubled-up in interior design and photography, they are usually confused at first. Sure, they are both creative fields, but, they wonder, "how do those two relate to each other?"

Um, how do they not?


I picked up a camera the same time I picked up an architect scale. When deciding which one to major in, it was unmistakably...a draw.

With both, I learned all about the Principles of Design (if you don't know, open up Google and give yourself a little lesson). These principles showed up in all my art and photo classes and continue to influence my work. Spaces as well as composing photos all have details like contrast, negative space, movement and patterns. While I let go of my Interior Design job, I soon learned that it wasn't wasted but enhanced my style of photography and my attention to details like rotating a coffee mug just right or making sure the composition of each image is spot on!


When not planning a brand session or photographing down-to-earth families, you can probably spot me paddle boarding with my boyfriend during Minnesota's humid summers or, when the temperatures turn downright frigid, I snuggle up with my dog Valkyrie to watch the latest episode of Outlander and knit my millionth blanket. Or maybe we're just going all in on the latest expansion of our quarantine hobby: Lego building!


But enough about me and my story. It's yours I can't wait to tell! We're going old school with chatting on the phone (yes, a real phone call!) and get acquainted, bounce ideas off each other and connect on a personal level.

So you've made it this far, click to the right to connect and we'll get started!


This Is Me


My current home has 40+ living plants currently with more propagating. Don't be surprised if you get a little sprout from me after our session.


In case you were wondering, my Hogwarts house is Gryffindor with Hufflepuff in close second. If you don't like Harry Potter, we can't be friends.


A good pair of fuzzy socks is all I need . Living in the cold winters of Minnesota, I have many pairs (and for all the holidays).


Crochet is my cardio. You'll probably find me with a WIP (work in progress) bag filled with yarn and knitting needles while traveling.

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For the record...
love is love. Black lives matter.
immigrants make America great.
climate change is real.
women's rights are human rights.


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