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Across the Pond | Travel

Ever since I studied abroad in England a billion years ago, my mom and I have talked about going back there.  She had never been to the United Kingdom (or even Europe)and we talked and talked about taking a trip for years. Finally I said, “We just have to do it!” So, got the trip all planned out with the help of my favorite travel agent (S/O to my girl Rachel!) and we were on our way!

Here are some photos from our mother/daughter adventure! We had a wonderful time just wandering around the cute boroughs throughout London.

My cute mama as we explored some of the more tourist-y attractions! Even in Europe we couldn’t escape construction season.  A lot of the main sights, including Big Ben and Parliament, were under construction. #badtiming

I highly recommend paying to see inside of Westminster Abbey. It was a wonderful tour and we learned so much!

In an effort to avoid a lot of  tourists, we saw Buckingham Palace from afar.  We also saw two Broadway hits (Phantom of the Opera and Harry Potter) and  of course there were miles and miles of walking around and site-seeing .

We took a train from King’s Cross up to Edinburgh, Scotland. Scotland was our favorite place by far and I wish we would have spent more time there. Life there just seemed slower, more casual, friendlier and much more like home. The food was amazing , the people were so nice, and we had a great time even with some weather mishaps. Scroll through for more!

We learned more from our tour guide, Dougie, about the history of Scotland and the Highlands than we ever would have learned in any classroom. The landscape was beyond beautiful and we even met some fellow knitters that were in Scotland for a yarn festival! How I didn’t know about that beforehand, I still don’t know!

Recognize any of the pictures above from some famous movies/shows?

We spent our last day in Edinburgh checking out all the different closes (alleyways) and little shops! We will definitely be returning and have planned even more things to see on our next trip!

View from the top of Arthur’s Seat.You can see Edinburgh Castle and even a little bit of the North Sea! The trek up with no water and heavy bags was well worth it – wind gusts and all!

Thanks for reading! Please let me know if you would like to see more  posts like this.

xoxox, Rachel Lea

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