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"Your small voice has a way of spilling into rooms where you thought there would be no place for you.

Even when it is only a word or two, your small voice has a way of pushing through.

And if you happen to be a little quieter, and you sound differently from others, the words you choose resound with truth all the same."

-Morgan Harper Nichols



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Out West | South Dakota

Long time coming for this post…We took over the summer to South Dakota where my parents have a home at a resort off this beautiful river. 7 hour drive on practically a one lane and you’re there. You know hearing them talk about it over the phone and seeing it in person are too different things. Our family didn’t really understand why my parents bought a place out in South Dakota but it was a sight. Beautiful rolling hills and stunning sunsets.

We had a blast even with Val by our side, she had fun. Not sure yet how she feels about the boat (which was a different experience for her then our slow-going paddle boards).

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