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"Your small voice has a way of spilling into rooms where you thought there would be no place for you.

Even when it is only a word or two, your small voice has a way of pushing through.

And if you happen to be a little quieter, and you sound differently from others, the words you choose resound with truth all the same."

-Morgan Harper Nichols



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Silver Hair | Don’t Care

Another gorgeous friend of mine who was willing to let me take some photographs! I kept bugging her about doing a photoshoot because her Instagram was just crushin’ it! She was soo beyond welcoming too and I got to play around with her lil pups and everything! I had so much fun with her just walking around her neighborhood (which I found out was right next to my neighborhood!)

Love my friends style and how we can just be so casual and hang out during photoshoots, let me tell ya, it makes my job not seem like a job at all!

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immigrants make America great.
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women's rights are human rights.


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